The idea was to tell stories beyond the ordinary and beyond the natural spaces of conventional conversations to turn them into community conversations that change how the world will see the Northeast region of India.

Or, for that matter, change how the world sees Nagaland, the home of HornbillTV — the state’s first satellite TV channel bringing to the state and the Northeast Region society-changing conversations and events from across the world.


HornbillTV’s inspiration does not skim run-of-the-mill news information. Rather, it works with the ordinary to create an extraordinary mosaic of both news information and informative news — From human interest stories to factsheets about the biggest stars on planet; from thought-provoking banter on burning social and governance issues from some of the most eminent community, youth, and government leaders; from hyperlocal news to regional collation, from national news to international news — all broadcast into home not only to delight, but to provoke the idea of worldview.

In other words, HornbillTV’s core mission is to connect to a worldview beyond Nagaland, beyond, Northeast India, and beyond India.


There are a number of TV channels across India in different languages serving myriad demographics. But for Nagaland state, a television channel that represented the region’s stories and worldview was lacking.

The promoters, Pure Entertainment Group, which is based in Nagaland, had consistently observed this lack. Building on this need, the group was inspired to engage the creation of Hornbill TV, conceptualized in 2019, which subsequently went on air in January 2021. The promoters of Hornbill Tv have no hidden agenda. The sole purpose of starting the First and only satellite Tv channel based out of Nagaland is to give a voice to the people and to proudly put Nagaland in the elite Satellite Tv club of the world.

In such a short time, in terms of news source capital and production capability, HornbillTV is now leading from the front.




HornbillTV is being telecast 24/7 from its state-of-the-art news studios and facility located in Dimapur, the commercial centre of Nagaland. This newsroom facility is equipped with the latest, and best of audio-visual technology comparable with those of top national and international TV stations. We have full newsrooms, advanced cameras, live production systems, and satellite vans operated 24x7 by trained technicians and production professionals.

For advertisers and product promoters, HornbillTV is the one-stop, highly professional, credible, and reliable solutions for all broadcast and audience-engagement projects. The channel’s news telecasting platforms are not limited only to the state-of-the-art studios and production newsroom but in the equally state-of-the-art mobile broadcast solutions that can deliver audio-visual information anytime and anywhere.

The engine of HornbillTV’s production goals are some of the highly trained news professionals who are versed in storytelling and newsgathering, who have not only the gumption to hunt down stories that matter, but also the heart to narrate it in a way that matters either on social media or on screen.


HornbillTV is available to viewers in Nagaland on major cable networks such as airtel (Channel no. 650), Pentagon Cable Network (Channel no. 8) and Hornbill Digital Cable (Channel no. 716) and on DTH services such as Tata Sky (Channel no. 1978) and JIO TV,JIO TV APP, CITY CABLE 139 PlayStore & AppStore. All the mentioned networks have more than 400 million viewers combined.

HornbillTV is not only to inform. It is also to serve.

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