Illegal immigrants assault local auto diver in Chumoukedima; CTYO demands ILP action

March 26,2024 02:13 PM

Chümoukedima, Nagaland, March 26 (HBTV):  A youth organization in Chumoukedima in Nagaland has strongly denounced the alleged assault of a local, said to be an auto rickshaw driver, by two suspected illegal immigrants.    

The Chümoukedima Town Youth Organization (CTYO) issued a press release condemning the incident which reportedly occurred on March 18. One Kumughato, reportedly an auto driver by profession and a resident of Seiruzha colony in Chumoukedima town, was physically attacked by two suspected illegal Bangladeshi immigrants. The press release named the alleged immigrants as one Amir Hussain and a Azarad Ali.         

‘The two assailants under the guise of hiring his auto took him around Pimla village area and assaulted him with the intention of murder, the CTYO stated.

“CTYO will not tolerate such acts of savage aggression on any of its peace-loving denizens. It calls for all to come together and condemn this dastardly act committed by these cowards and fervently appeal to law enforcement authorities to swiftly conduct their investigations, and deliver the strictest punishment against the offenders at the earliest,” the press release stated.  

The organization stated that Chumoukedima town is one of the fastest-growing townships in Nagaland, experiencing rapid development and urbanization in the recent past.   

But, the organization stated, it has also seen a drastic rise in its population, especially non-indigenous people and illegal immigrants.     

‘The Inner Line Permit (ILP) is the prime tool to safeguard the interests and stability of the indigenous people. It can also keep influx in check and can aid in discouraging possible lawbreakers from entering our state altogether, the CTYO stated.     

The organization has urged the authorities to implement the ILP in the entire Chumoukedima district in both letter and spirit.