Opposition NPF accuses PDA government of fund misuse

June 22,2021 08:38 PM


The opposition Naga People’s Front (NPF) has accused the People’s Democratic Alliance (PDA) government of misusing funds ‘in the name of Covid-19.’

The Naga People’s Front expressed anguish over what the press relase allegeds was the PDA government’s handling of the Covid-19 situation as well as misusing state fund in the name of Covid-19.
The party also viewed the recent statement of Health minister Pangyu Phom that the imposition of the lockdown would continue in the state until the positivity rate of Covid-19 comes down to 5% as per the guidelines of the Central government.
The government cannot just sit and wait for the countdown of positivity rate to decrease but should put its action and effort to bring down the positivity rate, the NPF stated.
The party asked the government on what basis the Central government directive had directed that the lockdown should continue if the positivity rate does not come down to 5%. 
The NPF asserted that until and unless the government augments the medical facilities in each district hospital and health centres and where there is a report of acute shortage of manpower, from where the PDA government expects the positivity rate to come down. 
The NPF advised the government that when it takes decisions to enforce lockdowns, it should also take initiatives in addressing the hardships the public is going through.
Meanwhile, the press release stated, after the NPF had raised the issue of shortages of medical kits in each district, it is learned that the government has purchased ‘Pulse Oximeter’ but at an exorbitant rate by spending to the tune of about 40 lakh. The party stated that if the government spends such a huge amount of money for pulse oximeter then it is expected that each district will be receiving more than 200 pieces of pulse oximeters.

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