American Synthwave stars The Midnight to perform in Chumoukedima

February 18,2024 04:47 PM

Chumoukedima, Nagaland, February 18 (HBTV): American synthwave stars The Midnight will be performing in Chumoukedima on February 22.                         

The Atlanta-based band comprising singer-songwriter Tyler Lyle, and Los Angeles–based Danish-born producer, songwriter, and singer Tim McEwan, will be performing at Noune Resort in Chumoukedima.                         

A local events group, LiveNow Events, gave the announcement at a press conference on February 18. The group will be hosting the event ‘Midnight in Nagaland’ at Noune Resort on February 22.                       

LiveNow Event's director Atsung Jamir told media persons during the event that the international stars ‘The Midnight’, which announced its India tour this month, will be performing along with one national and two local artists.   

The band is best known for songs “Los Angeles” and “Sunset” from the EP Days of Thunder (2014) and the album Endless Summer (2016) respectively.  

Popular in Asia too, The Midnight’s prominence stayed intact with their fourth album Monsters in 2020 which charted in the US, UK, and Australia. Its fifth album Heroes in 2022 also charted in several countries.