INR 48 lakh stolen from SBI ATM cash deposit machines

June 24,2021 04:45 PM


The police have arrested a person from Haryana in connection with the theft of INR 48 lakh from various cash deposit machines of State Bank of India in Tamil Nadu and recovered INR 4.5 lakh from him.

As many as 14 cases of such fraud in SBI ATMs have taken place in the city from June 15-18, a police release here said, adding, more than five groups of people seemed to be involved in the crime.

Investigation by a special team revealed "some accused have come from northern States and committed these offences."

The release stated that around INR 45 lakh was syphoned off. In the course of investigation, the special team arrested one Amir Arsh of Ballabhgarh (Haryana) with the help of the Haryana State police. 

During interrogation, the accused confessed to the crime, explained the modus operandi and provided other leads.

It  was learnt that more than five groups have operated in Chennai city. A sum of INR 4.5 lakh was recovered from him (the arrested person). The special team is camping at Faridabad to arrest the remaining accused.According to police, totally INR 48 lakh has been stolen from Automated Cash Withdrawal and Deposit Machines also known as Cash Deposit Machines (CDM) located in various places, including Velachery here.

The CDMs provide a 20-second window to customers to take cash away and if it was not done, the cash went back into the machines.

If cash was taken, the lid of the machine would slide and get closed.

Probe indicated that the suspects first took the cash from the machines (using withdrawal option in such machines) and then prevented the lid from getting closed for a while by using their hands.

The sensors appeared to have misread this action for "cash not being taken away" by customers and sent messages to servers that cash has not been withdrawn.

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