‘We need to establish some Dos and don'ts’: Bill Gates, Modi discuss ethical AI use

March 29,2024 06:26 PM


Bill Gates and Narendra Modi highlighted important measures that should be taken while using Artificial Intelligence and said that the world should establish some dos and don'ts for using it.

New Delhi [India], March 29 (HBTV): In a freewheeling conversation with Microsoft Co-Founder Bill Gates, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi highlighted important measures that should be taken while using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the contemporary technological world, and said that the world should establish some dos and don'ts for using this technology.  

‘In a vast democratic country like India, the misuse of deep fake technology...for example, they may misuse my voice. It can initially deceive people, leading to widespread chaos. It's crucial to acknowledge that deep fake content is AI-generated and mention its source,’ Modi said.

‘These measures are really important, especially in the beginning. We need to establish some Dos and don'ts. Moreover, one should first engage AI within a field of expertise. Simply utilizing it because one is "tired" or over-utilizing it is not the right approach,’ he added. 

Deep fake is a video of a person in which their face or body has been digitally altered so that they appear to be someone else, typically used maliciously or to spread false information. 

In a conversation with the Microsoft co-founder at his residence Modi addressed the challenges posed by AI and underlined the significance of initially using watermarks on AI-generated content to make users aware and prevent misinformation. 

"Addressing the challenges AI presents, I have observed that without proper training, there's a significant risk of misuse when such powerful technology is places in unskilled hands. I've engaged with leading minds of AI, I suggested that we should start with clear watermarks on AI-generated content to prevent misinformation. This isn't to devalue AI creations but to recognize them for what they are," te Indian prime minister said. 

Bill Gates also acknowledged the challenges that AI presents and said that the technology was also a huge opportunity. 

"It's early days in AI and I think everyone uses it. In the same day you're surprised at how good it is, and you're also surprised at how bad it is. It'll do things you think are hard, and then it'll fail to do some things you think are easy. I started my trip here in Hyderabad, which was a nice occasion because Microsoft is celebrating 25 years in the country, and that's been such a fantastic experience,’ Gates said.   

‘So I was definitely challenging the team there. Hey, we have to make the accuracy better. And for now, it's like a Copilot. It helps suggest things. But the final decision about the medicine or the letter you want to write, the final decision, we still have to review that, even though it may make us a bit more creative and a bit more productive,’ Gates, one of the richest persons in the world, said.   

‘You know, it seems like AI is a huge opportunity, but there are some challenges that come with that,’ Gates said. 

AI has been one of the focus areas of the government. The Cabinet had recently approved the comprehensive national-level IndiaAI mission with a budget outlay of INR 10,371.92 crore. The IndiaAI mission will establish a comprehensive ecosystem catalyzing AI innovation through strategic programs and partnerships across the public and private sectors.   

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