Tripura’s brick kiln workers stage protest over unpaid wages, poor working conditions

May 14,2024 12:53 PM


Brick kiln workers protested outside the Labor Commissioner's office in Agartala voicing their grievances against alleged negligence of kiln owners and government in fair wages and amenities issues.

Agartala (Tripura) [India], May 14 (HBTV): Hundreds of brick kiln workers gathered for a protest outside the office of the Labor Commissioner in Agartala on Monday, voicing their grievances against the alleged negligence of kiln owners and the state government in ensuring fair wages and basic amenities.  

The demonstration, organized by the Tripura Brick Kiln Union, lasted for over two hours, with participants demanding immediate action to address their plight.  

The protestors, including many migrant workers from various divisions across the state, expressed severe discontent with the ongoing issues related to wage non-payment and lack of essential services such as food, drinking water, and medical care at the workplace.

"Thousands of workers, including children and women, are suffering immensely. Some have not been paid for up to one and a half months," stated Tapan Das, State General Secretary of the Tripura Brick Kiln Workers Union.

The union has put forth several demands, including the provision of food, fuel, drinking water, and medical supplies during work hours, accurate accounting of labor hours in the presence of labor officials, and the covering of all transportation and sustenance expenses for workers returning to their home states. 

Leaders from various labor organizations, including CITU State General Secretary Shankar Dao, joined the protest. Dao criticized the current state government for its failure to protect the laborers' rights, contrasting it with the previous administration's policies. 

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