NDPP Rebutes NPF Claims of Misuse of Funds

July 1,2021 08:25 PM


Dimapur [Nagaland], July 1 (HornbillTV): The Naga peoples front submitted a representation to the Governor urging to set up an independent probe into various alledged irregularities.

Dimapur [Nagaland], July 1 (HornbillTV): In a press release the NDPP has stated that The report of the NPF Legislature Party submitting a representation to the Governor is unbecoming of a responsible opposition party, at a time when the entire government machinery is fighting the second wave of CoVID-19 pandemic and at the same time trying to ensure smooth functioning of governmental activities so that the people do not suffer and precious lives are saved.

It is without a doubt, the bounden duty of an opposition party to point out the weakness and failings of the government if any. However, there is always the right time and platform to bring up such issues; and a pandemic is not one of those times, it stated.  The NDPP has stated that NPF, being a mature political party and its leaders, having enough experience both as an opposition as well as running the government, should well be aware of the etiquettes of behaving as a constructive and responsible opposition. Unfortunately, the NPF party led by its leaders are in fact behaving like a pack of Hyenas waiting for every opportunity to pounce on their prey, the PDA Government, the release stated.

The NDPP informed that in so far as the 200 bedded hospital to be attached to CISHR is concerned, the medical department and the government has given sufficient explanation however for the benefit of those who are yet to understand with clarity it is being clearly clarified that all laid down procedures under government norms have been followed. Throwing more shade, the NDPP stated that the opposition party are perhaps unaware that similar type of facilities are being established by several other state governments some of which are being directly funded by even the PM Cares Fund. The people of Nagaland are well aware that the CISHR is a facility that has done yeoman service to not just the citizens of Nagaland but even to neighbouring state. The hospital is backed by the professional experience and management of two internationally renowned Christian Institutions at the most reasonable costs for the patients. In fact, the Chief Secretary of Nagaland is the Chairman of the Managing Board. The pre-engineered hospital is not a temporary arrangement but rather it will have all state-of-the-art health facilities of a full fledged hospital and will be professionally managed by the expertise and professional Human Resource of CMC Vellore and EHA Delhi, the release informed.

Further the release stated that the CISHR not only has the available space for the emergency situation but also the immediate medical Human Resource for active functioning from day one of commissioning without any hitches. With the availability of modern oxygen plant and laboratory facilities, the selection of CISHR for the emergency hospital is indeed laudable and the right decision at the right time, even as we prepare for a third wave. The NDPP takes this opportunity to reach out to the staff and family of CISHR not to be demoralised by the unsubstantiated statements which are politically motivated without any basis. Rather, the Naga people are thankful to the CISHR family for the untold sacrifices and contributions, it stated. 

The establishment of the Nagaland Cricket Stadium and it's ancillary facilities like the Cricket Academy, Indoor Training Centre and others have been the foundation of our national and international cricketers, it said. Citing that Nagaland has become a full fledged Ranji Trophy State and stadium has hosted dozens of first class matches, positively impacting the scenario of sports in Nagaland while also having positive impact on the local economy, the present opposition had intact commissioned a vindictive Vigilance enquiry on the facility but after thorough investigation under their regime, no discrepancies were found In any manner. Rather, the political vindictiveness of the NPF resulted in embarrassment with exposure of their miss-governance during their anti-people regime.

The proposed establishment of an airport at Kohima is not due to any personal desire of an individual, rather it is the national policy that all State Capitals of the country must have an airport and air connectivity. It stated that  For a State with mountainous terrain, the Chiethu area was found to be appropriate and technically viable. The proposed Chiethu airport and the proposed alternate Greenfield airport at Rozaphema are two completely different matters having no connection to each other whatsoever. Perhaps the opposition needs to be reminded that their political vindictiveness was to great that their regime had even tried to divert the airport proposal out of the state capital just for their narrow political motives, it said. 

The State Government and the Finance Department have already given sufficient statements and clarifications on all financial matters but It seems that the opposition NPF will keep repeating their rhetoric, again and again either due to their ignorance or the total failure on their part in managing the state, finances during their tenure at the helm of affairs, the release further stated.  The PDA Government will not remain silent spectators to the baseless allegations of the opposition and wherever necessary the appropriate agencies of the Government will ensure that past discrepancies will not be allowed to be buried.

The NDPP further reiterated that It was sad to observe that leaders of a democratic political party seems to have forgotten their own powers and responsibilities and is appealing to Raj Bhawan, perhaps having conveniently forgotten the fact that the Raj Bhawan will procedurally forward their communique to the State Government. A party that had carried out a "BEEF FESTIVAL" and invited the governor for the festival is today making a mockery of themselves once again, the NDPP stated.

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