Meghan McCain announces exit from 'The View'

July 2,2021 03:43 PM


Washington [US], July 2 (HornbillTV): Meghan McCain has announced her departure from her famous daytime chat show 'The View'.

Washington [US], July 2 (HornbillTV): Meghan McCain has announced her departure from her famous daytime chat show 'The View'.

Meghan, who devoted more than four years to the talk show, made her exit official on Thursday and added that she will be staying through the end of July when the season ends, reported TMZ.

Despite the recent public feud with her co-hosts, Meghan extended gratitude to her colleagues and complimented her co-hosts by calling them "strong, brilliant, intelligent, incredible broadcasters" who "are the most talented women on all of television."

While concluding, Meghan also said that she is not happily departing from her D.C. home where she has been broadcasting since the COVID-19 shutdown. She got emotional and added that it was her father, the late US Arizona Senator and celebrated Vietnam veteran, John McCain, who encouraged her to work on the iconic show and that it was one of the last things he told her before he died.

Meghan is the oldest daughter of the late Senator who passed away in 2018 after a battle with brain cancer. The American columnist, who had an incredibly close relationship with her father, frequently shares her memories about him on television.

Meanwhile, sources close to the production told TMZ that the actual reason behind Meghan's exit is her regular fights with the co-hosts. "Meghan felt it was too hard for her being the only conservative voice on the show and it had become too challenging, as she felt she was getting ganged up on every day," the source said.

The news of Meghan's departure comes a little over a month after she and her co-host Joy Behar got involved in a major on-air blowup. That conversation got so heated up that it prompted ABC News President- Kim Godwin to step in and call a last-minute meeting demanding all of the 'View' co-hosts to stop the argument that involved personal attacks.

McCain first started guest co-hosting on 'The View' in 2008. She was named a permanent co-host in September 2017 and made her debut on October 9, 2017.

As per Variety, prior to joining 'The View', Meghan was a contributor at Fox News 'Outnumbered', 'The Daily Beast', and 'MSNBC'.

She first gained attention by blogging about her life on her late father's campaign trail, leading up to the 2008 presidential election.

'The View' is a daytime talk show hosted by women and each offers their take on the day's news during the opening 'Hot Topics' segment. Later, the ladies welcome various celebrities, who join them in a chat or perform for the audience.

The chat show shoots in New York City, but during the pandemic, most of the co-hosts filmed from their homes.

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