Minister for Health & Family Welfare S Pangnyu Phom paid a visit to Longleng district

June 20,2021 04:39 PM


Phom said that the purpose of the visit was to take stock of the situation.

Addressing the gathering, Phom said that the purpose of the visit was to take stock of the situation. He said that unlike the first wave of the pandemic, the second wave was causing huge casualties in the country not because of lack of medical facilities but due to negligence of patients who come to the hospital at the last hour. 
Phom congratulated the district task force, nongovernmental organisations, and the churches for working together to combat the pandemic and in making Longleng one of the successful districts in the state. He appealed to government officers and staff posted in the district to come forward and to extend a helping hand to the medical department and the people during this crucial time. 
Phom informed that as per the directive of the Centre, the lockdown will continue in the state till Covid-19 cases are below 5% and asserted that at present Nagaland stands at 9.3%. 
He informed that government has decided to deduct 10 percent from LADP and another 15 percent from common pool to purchase urgent medical requirements such as pulseoximeter and oxygen concentrator to every functioning sub-center in the state. In this regard, he directed the DTF to make an assessment of the required equipment in the district. An aid of the minister also sent HornbillTV a message stating that 600 oxygen concentrators purchased by the Nagaland health project through the World Bank will be distributed to the health centres on need basis. 
Giving updates about the meeting that he had with the district administration in Longleng, the minister tweeted on June 19, Saturday, he was appreciative of the contribution of the medical workers and personnel in their fight against Covid-19. He encouraged them to work harder. In regard to the meeting with the DTF, the minister said to be overwhelmed by their performance. He also said to have appraised them about a few steps to be considered for effectiveness and also for preparation to face the third wave ahead of us. A strategy and plan for child isolation on Covid-19 was deliberated in length for speedy initiation.