Nagaland ULB elections: Mokokchung voters go at each other with rocks



Violence is bein reported from Mokokchung as Nagaland goes to vote in the Urban Body Elections.

Chumoukedima, Nagaland, June 26 (HBTV): Amid the ongoing voting to elect Nagaland’s municipal and town councils on June 26, there are reports of firing and violence among supporters of rival candidates in Mokokchung district. Visuals from Mokokchung show individuals, understood to be youths, pelting rocks at rivals.     

Voting began in the morning. There were unconfirmed reports that police opened fire at a polling station in Mokokchung at about 5:12 am near a polling booth in Arkong ward.   

Visuals from our correspondent show a number of youths hiding behind a suburb hurling rocks at what is believed to be rival supporters.