DAO EV Tech Starts Cooperation with Avon, a Leading Cycle and e-Bikes Manufacturer

June 29,2021 04:07 PM

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Hyderabad [India], June 29 (HornbillTv): DAO EV Tech, a "Make in India dedicated smart electric mo-bility manufacturing start-up based out of Hyderabad.

Hyderabad [India], June 29 (HornbillTv): DAO EV Tech, a "Make in India dedicated smart electric mo-bility manufacturing start-up based out of Hyderabad has entered into a Strategic agreement with Avon, a leading bicycles manufacturer in the country with a legacy of over 6 decades which represents the history and true power of India's manufacturing ecosystem.

Founded by the Pahwa Brothers in the year 1952, Avon today has large production facilities and a growing portfolio of products with over 200 models and over 360 different components for each model. As a pioneer in the Electric Scooter industry, Avon started manufacturing from the year 2007 and established a Pan India network.

 An essential requirement was to have a strong supply chain and since its inception, Avon has built longstanding relationships with its vendors and suppliers, who are leading names in the OEM sector. Some of the con-nections in the network of automotive parts and accessories manufacturers are deeply root-ed with Avon.

 The strategic agreement between DAO EV Tech and Avon creates a win-win partnership for both companies as they can now complement each other's strengths and leverage their net-work in the areas of sourcing and manufacturing excellence. Both the companies will come together to collaborate and support each other's requirements creating an environment of trust and partnership.

With DAO EV Tech's commitment to its customers to provide high quality and reliable electric two wheelers, the company has developed an impressive product line-up with new models to be launched soon. Avon's established deep roots in the center of India's manufacturing community will help DAO access top notch Indian suppliers in the two wheelers industry especially for mechanical components. It will further speed up DAO's homologation and localization for its high-speed model  703.

Michael Liu, Chairman and CEO, DAO EV Tech said, "DAO EV Tech is in the process of building lasting partnerships with OEM vendors currently supplying to leading fuel driven vehicle brands. The electric mobility sector in India is the immediate future and we hope to create a sustainable eco-system of suppliers and vendors with the help of our new cooperation partner Avon."

On the other hand Avon has already begun utilising DAO's global manufacturing approaches and excellence to develop some of their the new high speed electric vehicle models. This unique partnership will set new horizons for the coming years and there will be new lessons learnt through co-operation.

Onkar Singh Pahwa, CMD, Avon said, "Innovation has been a tradition at Avon. We have always aimed at providing innovative products maintaining the utmost quality standards. Our alliance with DAO EV Tech will go a long way in providing best of the products to our customers. There are a number of vendors from the automobile sector associated with us, which would help Avon & DAO EV Tech to manufacture locally under the 'Make in India' vision."

As per the MoU, DAO EV Tech and Avon Cycles will further support each other in assembly, designing, supply network and marketing of each other's products in their spheres of influence.

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